Chakra Phool


Chakra Phool
Chakra Phool

Chakra Phool (noun.) The star-shaped spice Star Anise (Chakra Phool in Hindi) originated in south China and the scientific name of the medium-sized evergreen tree from where it is collected is Illicium verum. It possesses liquorice-like flavour and is called by the name of 'chakra phool' in India. It is one of the most aromatic and flavourful spices used to blend with other herbs and give additional flavours to pilau and curries.

The flavour of the herb is sweet but it can be used in savoury recipes and is often added to citrus, onions, poultry, beef, cinnamon (Ilaichi), nutmeg (Jaiphal), and ginger (adrak). Some recipes make use of fennel seeds instead of the star anise.


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