Lehsun (noun.) known as garlic in english is one of the onion family has a uniquely pungent flavour that is very strong and harsh when raw. It plays a vital role in adding to the flavours of many Indian dishes and is known to take several ordinary dishes to the next level. 

The enticing aroma of roasted or fried garlic cloves adds to the overall taste and flavour of the Indian non-vegetarian dishes. It is an essential component in dishes like curries, biryani, meat and chicken etc. It gives a boost in taste and flavours.

Moreover, garlic is known to have numerous medicinal properties. Garlic tends to go hand in hand with onions, ginger and herbs. In many cuisines, the ingredients along with tomatoes are cooked together to produce a base sauce that can be made into Italian tomato sauce or Indian masala base or the Mexican chilli. The pungent flavour of garlic mellows and sweetens through the cooking process.


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