Pakora (noun.) indicates deep-fried Indian fritters made up of veggies and a coating of lentil flours. There is no restriction on the use of the type of vegetables or a combination of different green veggies but the most common type of pakora is made with chopped onion, chillies and gram flour. 

The vegetable chickpea fritters serve as great side, appetizer or snack. One can use any type of flour – all-purpose flour (or cornflour or gram flour or a combination of different types of flours) to get a nutritious variant. 

Pakora is widely available at all restaurants and food junctions and the railway stations. Mirchi Pakora (Green chilli Pakora) and Paneer(cottage cheese) pakora are very popular versions found as street foods, at railway stations and tourist places. 

The combination of this delightful vegan vegetable cooked to golden-brown perfection complements a cup of sweet, milky masala chai or coffee.


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