Kadi patta


Kadi Patta
Kadi patta

The kadi patta (noun.) also known as Curry Leaves are collected from the tree, scientifically, named Murraya Koenigii belonging to the family Rutaceae. The leaves of the tree are called sweet neem because the leaves are believed to have therapeutic properties and are not bitter like neem.

The fresh curry leaves are small, shiny and smell pungent. They can be kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator for two weeks. In South Indian cuisine, curry leaves are added to all types of curries and chutneys. In North India, curry leaves are used in tadka (tarka daal, sambar etc.) and can be added to vegetable soups and fries. Curry powder is different from curry leaves. It contains the blend of dried herbs, spices and seeds.


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