Til (noun.) know as sesame seeds in english are used to prepare cooking oils and to flavour dishes. It is extensively used in Indian cooking. The seeds can be used to prepare several delicacies from traditional quintessential sweet delight, snacks to salads. 

The distinct flavour of the seeds offers health benefits, and the combination of minerals and vitamins make it a perfect component that is added to the everyday meal. The sesame seeds can be roasted and rolled into snacks.

One can cook or add roasted seeds to pulao, til ki chikki or sesame-crusted chicken. It comes in distinct colours - black, brown and white. The seeds can be added to chunky chicken pieces where it can be baked to perfection to get a flavourful addition to the dish. One can add it to boneless chicken breasts with  flour, sesame seeds, mushrooms, spring onions, and garlic(lehsun), cumin (Jeera) and coriander seeds garnished with cilantro leaves (dhaniya patte). 

The salad can serve as a perfect binge for a combination of taste and nutrition. Crispy, fresh almonds, sesame seeds, tossed with tender sliced grilled chicken with a delicious dressing provide one of the favorite recipes. The seeds can be made into dessert laddoo, chikki and gajak.


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