Jeera (noun.) Cumin seed or Jeera is an integral part of Indian, Mexican and Africa's cuisine used to get amazing flavours and taste. Cumin seeds (Jeera in Hindi) belong to the Apiaceae family – known as the carrot family. Its scientific name is Cuminum cyminum and it has a distinctive aroma. 

Jeera (Cumin) is the spice that gives curry its characteristic soul and flavour. It is used as the key masala in curries. It is dry-roasted or fried in oil and then the vegetables, chicken (meat) or lentils are added. 

It is considered indispensable in the Indian cuisine as it is an essential part of the garam masala. The dry roasted powdered masala is sprinkled on salads and yoghurt to get a strong aromatic taste. The herb was first found in Egypt nearly 5000 years ago. It is not just great culinary but has certain medicinal properties, hence, is added to curries, lentils, chutneys, biriyanis and pilau rice.


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