Mughlai (noun.) indicates the type of cuisine offered during the rule of Mughals in India (from 1426 to 1857). It is a kind of Indo Persian cultural mix where the dishes prepared were mild to extremely spicy and were known for distinctive aroma and taste. Mughlai cuisine involves a range of fragrant spices, dried fruits and nuts. There are multiple dishes served by Indian restaurants that are come from the Mughlai kitchens.

Mughlai varieties include certain types of chicken recipes, malai kofta, reshmi kebab and murgh tandoor. Some other dishes are Mughlai biryani, Mughlai paratha, and kadhai gosht. Some popular desserts are bread pudding shahi tukra and falooda. Most Indian restaurants interpret Mughlai style as mild to medium-hot creamy and nutty curries served with rice and lots of nuts, dried fruits and rich creamy desserts.

The official language of the Mughals was Persian so the dishes had Persian names, at the same time, some varieties have Turkic names. Some such recipes were researched by royal cooks working for Indian emperors, who cooked multiple herbs and meat in the manner to deliver top quality foods to the kings.


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