Dahi (noun.) also know as curd in english is the dairy product where curd is made from curdling the milk with acidic substance or lemon juice, while, yoghurt is used for bacterial fermentation. Most Indian restaurants menu will have a curd or raita variety that is made with yoghurt. One of the most popular South Indian dishes is called curd rice, that is made with unsweetened yoghurt mixed to boiled rice, sautéed with urad dal, mustard seeds, chillies(Lal mirch powder) and coriander leaves(dhaniya patte).

There are multiple biriyani and tandoori recipes that involve the use of yoghurt or dahi. The Punjabi kadhi is the dish made from leftover sour curd where you combine besan (gram flour) and curd to get a sautéed spicy soupy version that can be eaten with rice (chawal) or chapati.


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