Safed Mirchi


Safed Mirchi
Safed Mirchi

Safed Mirchi (noun.) or White pepper (Velutha Kurumulak) is normally used in light coloured dishes and sauces. It can be a bit winey and earthy in taste. It is mostly less spicy as compared to other varieties of peppercorns, however, the origin of the pepper determines the level of spiciness. 

The variety of Bili menasu can be less spicy as compared to other pepper varieties. It is prepared from green coloured berries and the outer shell is removed by soaking the berries in water or placing it under flowing spring water. It is widely used in Asian and Mexican cuisines.

In Indian cuisine, it is used with cumin (Jeera) seeds, and a paste of Adrak and Lehsun. The seeds of safed mirchi can be added to casseroles, pies, creamy shrimp and scallop sauces, mayonnaise and cream-based soups.


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