Mirchi (noun.) There are many varieties of chillies (Mirch in Hindi) used in Indian cuisine. Most Indian dishes like curries and vegetables are made with a pinch of chilly powders, and dal tadka is served with sautéed cumin and whole red chillies.   

The non-spicy variant of chilli powder is used to make snacks, and spicy red chillies like the Guntur chilli is used in the preparation of curries and sauces. Tomato Chilli of Andhra Pradesh is short and deep red. It is less pungent and milder in taste.

Certain hot varieties exhibit a rich combination of pungency, spiciness, flavour and fieriness. Byadagi daggi chillies are bright red and are blended with spices. The typical red Kashmiri mirch used to get the color and unique taste is grown in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is named after the town Byadgi in Karnataka and is one of the most popular chillies used in Indian cuisine.


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