Tulsi (noun.) The culinary and medicinal uses of Tulsi or Holy Basil have been mentioned in Ayurvedic books written in 1000 BC where it is described as the incomparable one. Almost all Indian homes keep a Tulasi plant pot of the species sweet basil as it has certain religious significance. 

Indian Hindu pray to the plant assuming it to be a goddess of the symbol of fidelity. It is believed to be useful in attaining spiritual enlightenment. Turmeric and holy basil combination is used in the preparation of foods, often served at Hindu temples.

In Indian cuisine, it is added to make flavoured water and herbal teas. It can be used to garnish sauces and soups. Some spices are related to the culinary basil family, though sweet basil can have floral and peppery notes. Some species of the plant have a clove (laung)-like aroma, while others may yield a fresh, lemony flavour.


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