Atta The English word for atta is flour. Usually, atta symbolizes gehun ka atta i.e. wheat flour. Indian cuisine has a huge range of regional delicacies, each having its types of chapatis to go with different dishes. Atta or wheat flour accompanies various north India delicacies. 

Right from breakfast to dinner, different kinds of Indian bread are prepared with much precision and passion with atta. While in the North parathas, kulchas, pooris and bhaturas are a mainstay, Eastern India loves their fluffy luchis and pancake-like pithas ( pithas are made from rice powder (chawal)), the West is known for pav bhaji, parottas and the Southern mainstay is Dosa & Idli ( made from rice and lentils).

Indian cuisine has multiple regional varieties of flours (atta) and there are various ways to make the same recipes where you start the morning with a plump aloo paratha and aam ka aachar, or with a steaming hot poori and a bowl of chole. There is a huge list of different types of rotis of different types of attas that can only be found in diverse Indian cuisine.


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