Shah Jeera


Shah Jeera
Shah Jeera

Shah Jeera (noun.) The small dark brown seeds of Shah Jeera(Caraway seeds) resemble cumin seeds but are different due to distinctive sweet flavours. It is used in the preparation of Indian bread (and rotis), biscuits and pilaus. It is also added to several non-vegetarian dishes.

There are many varieties of cumin seeds used in Indian cuisine. One used in everyday food is the black cumin or kala jeera (scientific name Cuminum cyminum). Shah jeera( scientific name bunium persicum) is part of the popular Garam Masala where it is roasted with expensive herbs like peppercorns, cardamom(Ilaichi), and cinnamon(dalchini) to get the garam masala powder, used in the preparation of chicken curries, vegetable curries and meat dishes.


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