Chicken Bhuna Masala


Chicken Bhuna Masala
Chicken Bhuna Masala

Introduction: - Are you non-vegetarian and enjoy chicken in your meal. If yes, then you are at the right place to know more about a variety of chicken dishes that are called Chicken Bhuna Masala.

It is a method to make chicken which involves a good amount of spices and all those spices are fried into a pan in some special manner. It is a very old variety and as per some food lovers, this dish may be traced back to the Mughals.

Chicken Bhuna Masala is a North Indian recipe of chicken cooked in roasted whole spices. Bhuna masala chicken or Murgh bhuna indicate a rugged spicy dish usually prepared with scanty gravy where the chicken is first marinated for some time in powdered herbs and then cooked in onions, tomatoes, garlic & ginger that enhance the overall flavour of the dish.  

Chicken Bhuna Masala is a north Indian dish that is cooked in a blend of wholesome spices. People get confused with Kadhai chicken and Bhuna Masala chicken, but there is some minute difference between them. Here in Bhuna Masala, capsicum is not used wherein in Kadai chicken, capsicum is used.

Along with that, there is also some difference in treating the spices. Maas best provide best cooked meal delivery service in UK. You can order your favorite dishes or foods with best online food delivery. Even there are many varieties of making Bhuna Masala. Some of the main USP of chicken Bhuna Masala is as follows:-

1. It is spicier than chicken korma and there is little difference between Kadhai chicken and Bhuna Masala.

2. Here marinated chicken is applied after frying the Masala.

3. Marinating the chicken before cooking removes the raw smell of the chicken very well.

4. People do not prefer to have more curry in this variety of dishes. It is always enjoyed with less curry. However, people eating with rice prefer curry.

5. It is completely Indian by all its components.

6. It is not difficult to find this dish in any Indian and Mughlai restaurant.

7. The best-added items to enjoy with this dish are “Jeera Rice” or fried Rice.

8. Some people call it the mother of curries and a household staple for cooking Indian food.

9. You can simply purchase the spices from the market but to make it healthier it is advised to use raw spices and then blend them in your own home before cooking.

What is chicken Bhuna?  

People love to enjoy it through different forms. As per some studies, there are over 100 ways of making a chicken, and all those methods are used by cooks all around the globe. When we talk about chicken Bhuna Masala, it got its name from the main type of making that is “Bhuna”. 

Bhuna means roasting. Bhuna is a type of special roasting when onion, tomato, garlic, and other species are put into a hot. Before putting all those ingredients into the pot, you need to place some oil and heat it.

Place the entire spices grinder with each other, and fry it, after some time one will notice some sort of oil coming from the spices. That is called Bhuna.

How to make Chicken Bhuna Masala recipe? 

Making chicken Bhuna Masala is not a difficult task but you have to follow all the steps mentioned below.


  • 50 G or 1 Small chopped tomato.

  • 300 G onion chopped

  • 4 TSP oil, most preferably mustard oil

  • 1 TSP black pepper, Garam Masala each

  • Salt as per your preference

  • Garlic paste or chopped garlic as per your taste. 

Prepare all those ingredients mentioned above. Now put all those chopped items in a mixer or blender and make a paste of it. Make sure not to blender too much otherwise instead of paste, it will turn into liquid, and ultimately you will not get the desired taste from that.

Switch on the light in your cooking place, Take a non-stick frypan and out into that. Place the separated oil into the pan and fry it on medium heat. 

Make sure that heat is not too high because high heat may heat the oil too fast and some sorts of oil may also burn. Add dry chilies and specially cut chopped and pasted onion, tomato other items. It takes more than 20 minutes to leave some sort of brown color along with oil.

Make sure that you are mixing the items in the pot intermittently. Keep stirring often to make sure they cook evenly. Once your species is ready, take this out in a pot. Now put some oil again into the frying pan. This time amount should be more as compared to the earlier frying. Put chicken after it gets heated.      

Fry chicken very well on low flame and keep changing the side of the chicken to make sure that all sides of the chicken are fried. Then add separated spices into chicken and stir well so that chicken is evenly coated with Masala.

Add salt as per your preference and put the lid for approx 10 minutes. In between add fennel, Garam Masala, and pepper to make it spicy and tastier. Garnish with coriander and keep cooking for some more minutes.

Now your chicken Masala is ready. Take the pan out from the flame add some coriander leaves to make it tastier and serve immediately. While serving, one notices a good aroma coming out from the chicken Bhuna Masala. That aroma is special and you cannot get this sort of fragrance from any of the other varieties of chicken.

Define the Methods to Make Chicken Bhuna Curry? 

The Method to make chicken Bhuna curry is not that much different from Chich Bhuna Masala. People living in India and mainly from states of Bihar, West Bengal, Orida, Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu like to have curry all the time. Curry is like a liquid form of Masala for them.

They prefer enjoying their meals by dripping into the curry or by mixing with rice. One can enjoy bread with Bhuna Masala but enjoying rice with that is quite difficult. One needs some sort of curry to mix up with rice. Here we are guiding you on how to make chicken Bhuna curry.  

Firstly prepare chick Bhuna Masala by following the methods mentioned above. Before taking the pot out from the flame or preferable before 10 minutes of cooking add some extra water into that. That water helps in making curry.


So add water as per your requirements. Additionally, while adding water, one should also know that water should not be disproportionate to the species. When more water is added with less Masala, it makes curry undelicious and thin in look.

After adding water, cover the pot and cook on high flames for approx 10 minutes. Your chicken Bhuna curry is ready to know. Add coriander leaves for giving it some extra taste shot. Enjoy immediately without much delay. 

Is a Chicken Bhuna spicy?

It all depends on the person who is making chicken Bhuna Masala. However, in general parlance, it is not spicy. There are lots of spices to make that still we are telling not spices only because “All the spices are cooked well before serving”.

Additionally, one may add more spices to make it spicy too. The taste and deliciousness of Bhuna depend on how it is cooked. It is always advised to add spi and cook well, but some people prefer spicy and that’s why they add spices after cooking that. The best way to know, whether it is spicy or not, just ask the person serving you. Or just follow the instructions mentioned above. You can get chicken Bhuna Masala recipe in Burnam, slough, windsor, Langley, and Maidenhead in UK.

What to serve with chicken Bhuna Masala?

This food item is like a cooked vegetable. One may add curry and may also opt not to add water. Generally, people enjoy chicken Bhuna Masala with the following items.

1. Bread: - People enjoy the bread of all sorts like Rumali Roti, Tawa Roti, Tandoori roti with chicken Bhuna Masala. These sorts of items are mainly used in North Indian states like Punjab, Haryana, New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, etc.

2. Rice: - Rice is the main food of many states like Bihar, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Odisha, etc. People cannot enjoy any food without the involvement of rice. Therefore, people from these states enjoy rice with Bhuna Masala.

3. Dosa, Idly, Uttapam, and other south Indian dishes: - People living down south involve dosa, idly, and others in all their meals. They enjoy having chicken Bhuna Masala with all those famous items.

4. Other items: - It is a personal choice to enjoy chick Bhuna Masala with which items. So people can have it with any of the food they have. Some people also prefer to mix them. Like they enjoy it with bread and rice both. There or four bread before and then a small amount of rice is preferable for them. 

What does a Bhuna curry taste like?

Bhuna Chicken is made up of onion, tomato, and other spices in low or medium flame with some curry. It generally tastes like you are having chicken and Masala separately. Yes, you heard it right. Here so much importance is given while making curry. Then you cannot ignore the delicious taste of curry just for the sake of chicken.

Chicken is marinated before adding with Masala, it means chicken fries. It tastes like saucy gravy with lots of oil and Masala. Here large quantities of onions are added to get the gravy and then those onions are roasted with another Masala on medium and low flame.

Taste also changes from person to person and place to place perspective. This recipe is made mostly across the north India side and can be made with many variations. Species is the king here and adding more and more species makes it tastier.

But at the same time, more species means, your disk is getting unhealthier. Therefore, it is always better to have a balance between healthiness and deliciousness. 

Is chicken Bhuna healthy?

As we have already discussed, people make chicken with more than 100 types. Here also chicken Bhuna Masala is made by different sorts of people differently. However, generally speaking, this delicious food item is completely healthy for all types of people. But you have to make it healthy. Those preferring high amounts of spices make it unhealthy by adding different species disproportionately.

Healthy chicken Bhuna Masala is like a health supplement to your body. It gives a good amount of protein and other minerals to your body. Some points to remember while making Bhuna Masala so that you enjoy a healthy one. 

1. Wash all the items to be used while making chicken Bhuna Masala. Unclean utensils and other items risk the human being consuming. It may lead to lose motion and other bacteria generated problems. One must wash chicken with patience and good hands. Lots of useless items are trapped inside the chicken so taking each other out is important.

2. Always put oil in the appropriate amount. Never think that putting excess oil will make your disk tastier. It is a very false notion and that makes your food unhealthy too. So follow the instructions and put oil as per your chicken amount.

3. It is always advisable to add fewer species. More spices make the chicken second. When the food item is loaded with lots of Masala, then you keep enjoying species instead of chicken. Which is a very unhealthy practice? Chicken is the primary item in your food and species is secondary. So always give importance to this notion. Make sure that you are not adding more and more spices to make chicken into the secondary level.

4. We know our body required some sort of salt to fulfill the requirements of iodine but excess salt in food may lead to unhealthiness. High blood sugar and others are the side effects of consuming high amounts of salt. Always put salt by measuring it. Extra salt also hampers the good taste of chicken Bhuna Masala.

5. One mistake people keep doing and it must be avoided is “Serving chicken Bhuna Masala after one or two hours of cooking”. Yes, it is a very bad habit. One must understand that cooking kills bacteria and again if one is eating cold food items, the chances of bacterial infections increase.

Cook Bhuna Masala and eat immediately without any delay. Delaying is a very unhealthy habit and it may make one unhealthy after eating it. Always follow the instructions to enjoy healthy and delicious chicken Bhuna Masala. 

What is the difference between chicken korma and chicken Bhuna Masala?

We are here defining chicken Korma and chicken Bhuna Masala to make you understand the difference between them.

Chicken Korma: - Korma is like a mild and creamy less spicy dish. The color of Korma is generally yellowish which just looks like normal vegetables. The yellow color or the Korma is because of yogurt or cream, fragrant spices, etc. Some cooks also add almond, coconut, or fruit while making korma. Chicken korma is a very old dish and its history is dated back to 16th Century North India and Pakistan.

As per some historians, this dish was first created in the Mughal Court kitchen. As per some unauthentic sources, people believe that Emperor Shah Jahan was fond of this dish. He did not like any other variety of chicken and always preferred it for himself and his guests.

Chicken Bhuna Masala: - This disk got its name on Bhuna. It means fried in English. Bhuna is an Urdu word. Here spices are firstly fried before mixing it up with chicken. It is just opposite to the chick korma because it involves lots of species. Secondly, korma is cooked on low flame but this dish is mainly cooked on high flame. The origin of this dish is traced to Bengal.

Here the dish is prepared by frying lots of spices at a high temperature. After that meat is mixed with the species and simmers away in its juices. In the end, we get the thick, intensely flavored sauce.

Conclusions: - We have sorted out every minute detail about chicken Bhuna Masala for your benefits. Whenever you get some time, enjoy this dish with your friends and family members. You may have tried other varieties of chicken like Korma, Balti, Biryani, Dhansak, Dopiaza, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Korai, Madras, Moghul Masala, Pasanda, Patia Rogan Josh, Saag, Tikka Masala, VIndaloo, etc. 

However, your taste journey is not complete without enjoying chicken Bhuna Masala. Some food critics keep this dish at the top of the table. They not only praise this dish for its many of cooking but also they appraise it for its delicious taste.


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