Haldi (noun.) Turmeric or yellow spicy root belonging to the ginger family is widely used in Ayurvedic remedies. In foods, it is added as a colouring agent that has a unique earthy pungent flavour. The taste of the herb is a little bitter, like mustard, and most Indian spicy traditional vegetarian or non-vegetarian recipes use turmeric, Lal Mirch Powder, Jeera and Dhaniya patte as fundamental. The scientific name of the herb is Curcuma longa and it is used in dairy, beverages, cereals, and bakery products. It can be used to flavour milk drinks and confectionaries.

Most vegetarian or meat dishes acquire the golden tinge with the use of mustard or turmeric powder. However, some popular meat dishes like kormas, rogan josh, chicken bhuna masala and lagan ka boti may not use it (its use is optional). In Ayurveda, turmeric has been mentioned as anti inflammatory, warming, pungent, light, dry and digestive in nature. It is Tridoshic, meaning it serves to balance all three doshas( imbalances). Despite being warming, the magic spice is great for balancing fiery Pitta (acidity)— just be careful not to overdo it.


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