Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our FAQs include information on our food, we’ll regularly be updating this page with more FAQs.

  Q How is the veg food and non veg food prepared
The vegetarian curry dishes and non vegetarian food is prepared in separate cooking pan and separate utensils
  Q Is the food allergen free ?
Please check the description page for allergens, please do check with us if in doubt or you have a specific alergy
  Q Can the food be consumed the next day.
Maa's best cooks food fresh everyday, If the food you have ordered is not being consumed the same day , please ensure it is cooled and refrigerated straight away , you can then re-heat and eat the next day.
  Q How much in advance can the orders be placed
You can place your order daily,weekly or monthly by phone call or our website.
  Q How does the order process work?
When you place an on-line order you choose your collection time and then you will receive an order number along with a confirmation text message, when you arrive to collect your order please reply to the message and your order will be delivered to your car.
  Q Can we order on the day
Our online order closes at 10pm the night before, by all means please call and speak to our team and they may be able to do an offline order
  Q What is included in a large meal ?
The Large meal is suitable for 2 person which includes double portion each of the 2 dishes in Meal 1 (or) Meal 2 as per your order and four chapatis or Rice and salad
  Q Portion Size Orders
Can the orders be placed per portion
  Q What is included in a regular meal ?
The regular meal is suitable for 1 person which includes One portion each of the 2 dishes in Meal 1 (or) Meal 2 as per your order two chapati's & 1 cup rice
  Q Where did the word Tiffin originate ?
The word tiffin entered the language system at the start of the 19th century. It is associated with the fashion of eating dinner mid-afternoon that was transformed


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