Biranj (noun.) comes from Persian vocabulary where biranj means rice. It is a dish made with sheer or milk and rice. It is a Gujarati sweet made from wheat, rice or millets. It is a type of sweet made with ghee, wheat and jaggery. The variety of Biranj made with milk and rice is also called doodh paak. Long rice grains are used to get the rice version. 

The rice and dal are cooked together and as the grains become fluffy and separate, it is served with saffron threads, raisins, and dry pieces of almonds, cashew and cardamom. The dish is normally offered in the typical Gujarati thali. There is another version made with wheat vermicelli or noodles that are cooked in sugar and ghee.

In Gujarat, the vermicelli made from wheat was prepared once in a year and dried in sun, to be used all around the year. The wheat vermicelli is used to make Sev Biranj. The method used to make biranj is similar to Zarda that is made in the month of Ramzan.


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