Makai Ka Atta


Makai Ka Atta
Makai Ka Atta

Makai Ka Atta Maize flour(Makai Ka Atta) ground to fine consistency is called cornflour. It is called cornflour in the UK and corn starch in the US. The regional Indian Makai ka Atta is a coarse flour (not fine ground) and it is used to prepare a popular dish in the North Indian Punjabi cuisine where one can get gluten-free makki ki roti and sarson ka saag that is the mustard green curry prepared in red chillies (lal mirch powder or lal mirchi), cumin (Jeera), ginger – garlic paste, is served with a lot of butter or cream. Makai Ka Atta used by Punjabi restaurants to prepare makki ki roti – is made from raw corn cobs. In some other regions of India, the Makai Ka Atta (flour) is made from roasted corn cobs.

The fine refined flour can be used to make cornbread and other multi-grain recipes and deep-fry batters. Globally, it is used in multiple recipes like Mexican Tortilla, Tacos and Nachos.


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