Kala Namak


Kala Namak
Kala Namak

Kala Namak (noun.) Black ritual salt, Black lava salt and the Indian black salt are three variants of salts. The Indian black salt or Kala namak is used in the preparation of Indian snacks and chutneys. The Black ritual salt is not used for eating and black lava salt is sea salt blended with charcoal. 

The Indian salt is called Kala namak (or the Himalayan salt or Kala noon) and it was first identified by Maharishi Charak, the father of Ayurvedic medicine around 300 B.C.

It is collected from mountains and mixed with herb Harad (Terminalia Chebula) fruit that is rich in sulphur. The sulphates iron and magnesium in the salt give it a unique appetizing aroma. Ayurvedic healers claim it can be therapeutic and a small amount of such salt can be added to salads and yoghurt. The salt has alkaline properties and is considered good for digestion.


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