Gur (noun.) also know as jaggery is produced from sugarcane. It is brown colour raw sucrose widely used in the preparation of Indian desserts and dishes. It can be used as substitute for sugar in the preparation of many desserts foods like halva that can be made from semolina, jaggery and loads of nuts instead of semolina, sugar and nuts.

There are many simple recipes made with gur like the wheat flour (Gehun ka atta) deep-fried gulgule or the delicate, traditional winter sweet Til Ladoo, usually prepared with roasted sesame seeds, saunth and jiggery, flavoured with saffron.

Stir-fried beans tossed with some tamarind, jaggery and a spicy coconut mixture is easy, full of flavours Gujarati recipe. The yummy peanut brittle or chikki is made with jaggery.


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