Lal Mirchi


Lal Mirchi
Lal Mirchi

Lal Mirchi (noun.) The hot spicy Indian curries, chicken bhuna masala or tandooris and biriyanis are marinated with Lal Mirch Powder (in English - Red Chilli powder). It not only gives a quintessential red colour to the meat or chicken but has a distinct savour. The red colour spice is extensively used in Indian cuisine for its faint taste and aroma. The powder is made by grinding dry chillies.

The Kashmiri red chilli powder gives a bright red colour to recipes. It is not spicy hot but gives a vibrant appearance to the dishes. The chilli powders used in Indian cuisine can be used for dry preparations, fillings and marinades. Degi Mirch is known for bright red colour and smoky flavour.


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