Tandoor (noun.) refers to a type of oven made of clay commonly used in northern India and Pakistan. The oven is built with clay and insulated with concrete or mud on the outside. It has a cylindrical structure, which looks like a beehive on the top to concentrate the heat. 

Many types of meat, chicken and dal dishes are made in tandoor where the ingredients are cooked with meat on the heat for hours. The spices are added with meat, chicken or dal in one closed pot with all the spices, ginger garlic paste and garam masala.

The dishes prepared on tandoor have distinctive flavours. The commonly found tandoori roti is made by slapping whole wheat flour on the sides of superheated clay surface of tandoor where the flames cook the outer layer and gives the roti a distinctive taste. Meat dishes are prepared by fixing the meat on a metal skewer and then inserting it in the fiery hot oven.


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