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The creamy, nutty, warm split pulse yellow dal tadka is not only a special occasion or seasonal dish; it is simply an everyday feast that pulls off the culinary hat- trick bringing smiles to everyone's face at the dinner table as it is the high protein, low-calorie, gluten-free healthy, flavoursome, very simple yet fulfilling meal offering the earthiness of lentils and spices and the sweet-citrus punch of flavouring herbs.

Some regional Indian yellow lentil dal recipe preparations are sautéed with curry leaves and large whole, roasted red chilli garnished with grated coconut shreds and green coriander leaves or saute extra onions and green pepper just until they are al dente to add to the top of boiled split lentils or add extra tomatoes making it golden yellow or reddish, serve garnished with coriander and lemon wedges.

The fragrant creamy textures are made into utterly delicious yet simple puree stew or soup form by adding a full savour of different herbs and seasonings to get a nutritious, humble meal devoured with rice or roti.

Basic Information

Soaked legumes are boiled and cooked into a puree stew or soup form to get a nutritious, humble yellow lentil curry made from a balance of spices, often served with boiled rice and roti. The spicy, hot, fragrant dal made with lentils and ground spices is a satisfying and perfect meal for a family get-together.

Taste, Texture, Nutrients And Other Details 

  • Indian Yellow Lentil Recipe is a nutritious comfort meal. It is made from 100% pure herbs and spices.
  • It is prepared without any artificial colour, flavour or preservatives.
  • Easy yellow dal recipe is a delicious, satisfying meal offered as curry with rice or roti.
  • The basic ingredients in the preparation are lentils and herbs, that is available All Year Long. 
  • It is a soy-free vegan, gluten-free pure vegetarian meal.
  • Yellow dal tadka is an incredibly flavorful and simple everyday dish most suited for the school lunchbox and Indian Tiffin Service

 About Yellow Dal tadka

 Yellow lentil dal recipe is a thick, nutritious puree, a humble and tasteful everyday meal, one of the several dishes served as a part of an elaborate feast meal and served with rice or roti for a nutritious lunch or dinner.

The taste of the boiled yellow lentil dal recipe is bland, so it is sautéed with spiced-up Tarka for a hot soupy flavoursome recipe. The final blend depends on the components used for tempering, like mustard seeds, fennel seeds, whole coriander or dozens of other aromatics. 

The yellow dal fry is cooked in chopped garlic, chillies, finely diced onion and tomato puree and is heated in a small amount of ghee or oil until all the spices mix well and release the unique, delicious smoky taste.

The final split lentil soup gets the strong punch of flavours from browned onion, garlic and ginger tempered with tantalising aromatic, pungent fried spices presenting a light brown or golden yellow low-calorie ultimate comfort food as the split peas transform into a smooth, cumin-scented yellow dal fry incorporating sweet, sour, nutty shot with a sauteeing of ghee or butter and spices. 

Indians have a special connection with the yellow lentil dal recipe, making it a staple dish of every household. Dal is a Sanskrit word meaning "to split"; it refers to the split lentils and other pulses from which it is made. Many lentils are available at stores, be it moong, masoor, chana, or toor. 

The word "dal" can be found in the epic story of Mahabharata. The story is about the five brothers, known as Panch Pandavas. They were prince warriors but were forced to go into exile for twelve years, and then they had to spend the thirteenth year in disguise. The Pandavas completed the twelve years of exile and hid in King Virata's palace in the thirteenth year.

One of them, Bhima, was hiding as a cook in King Virat's kitchen and used to prepare a meal using the split lentils. He slow-cooked five lentils in an earthen pot and then tempered the final cooked soupy lentil with clarified butter. 

The mixed yellow lentil dal recipe is part of all Indian, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshi and Pakistanis meals. It is an everyday recipe, sometimes cooked with vegetables, mutton, fish or chicken. In Sri Lanka, the red colour "masoor" lentils are prepared in coconut milk and spices. In Guyana, yellow split peas are made into a light soup flavoured with burnt garlic and toasted cumin.

Some recipes are made into salty, sweet, spicy, tangy and sour simmering split lentils soup where the simmered cooked lentils are mixed with tamarind paste and jaggery. 

Variations of split pea soups are often offered on the menu of most Indian restaurants that are made up of a combination of green gram (moong), pigeon pea (toor), split chickpea (chana) and red lentils (masoor). The oil, clarified butter and spices are stirred into the cooked dal, transforming it into a sublime, buttery, tantalising, simmering, hot soupy formula.

Yellow lentil curry soup can be served with rice or bread as a simple supper. Split peas give a slightly smooth, creamy texture, and you can add cut vegetables or mutton to the soft, simmered hot lentils. 

A good yellow dal curry recipe is sauteed with fresh aromatic, pungent fried spices (sometimes with tomato puree, onion, garlic and ginger) added near the end of cooking to give a strong punch of flavour.

Restaurant Yellow Lentil Dal Recipe

Indian eateries and roadside dhaba offer smoky flavoursome yellow dal tadka, sauteed with extra garlic and butter. Yellow dal recipe is made into a thick purée from an amalgamation of boiled nutty, creamy yellow lentils and super delicious herbs, allowing the split yellow lentils to absorb the flavours to get you an unbeatable combination of tastes. As a result, the lentil curry delivers complex aroma and flavour, offering an amazing, fulfilling and tasteful dish. 

Many flavoursome variations of yellow dal tadka are cooked with different combinations of herbs and lentils, sometimes vegetables are added with aromatic spices, and the final dish is served as spicy, fragrant yellow lentil curry to get you a satisfying and perfect meal for a family get-together. The smoky extra boost of garlic and red chillies sauteed in butter gets you a luscious masala curry offering unique savoriness. 

Homemade Indian Yellow Lentil Recipe

The melt-in-your-mouth homemade yellow dal recipe is a simple heavenly dish cooked almost daily in many Indian villages on low heat in mud pots. Busy working people often prepare it in a cooker into a mild home-style curry with simple everyday spices, ginger, garlic and others flavourings to get a gorgeous legendary taste and fresh aroma. It can be prepared by pressure cooking by mixing polished split green gram (moong), pigeon pea(toor) and red lentils(masoor).

The yellow dal tadka is first pressure cooked with turmeric and salt; then, tomato puree is added. Finally, the boiled dal is tempered with asafoetida, cumin seeds, green chilli, ginger and garlic. It is such a versatile dish that adding chopped spinach or fenugreek leaves adds nutritional value, making it a complete nutritious meal.

You can even add French beans and asparagus to get a distinct taste, or try blanching or roasting vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli florets and stirring them in at the end. The South-style homemade yellow dal recipe is made from the tempering of dry red chilli, mustard seeds, curry leaves and garlic, often served as a party or a side dish at family gatherings.

How To Serve?

The pleasure is in a spoonful of yellow dal tadka with a striking combination of flavour, taste, and soupy, nutty and creamy texture. The yellow lentil dal recipe is served as a main dish with roti, naan bread, lachha paratha or boiled rice, sometimes complemented with yoghurt, pickles, burani raita or salad, or one can serve the yellow lentil dal recipe over steamed rice with warmed yoghurt, cilantro leaves, pickles and lime wedges on the side.

Food Allergy 

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Food allergy
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