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The classic Indian versions of lentils are satisfying, packed with proteins and served with flavoursome garnishes to turn your simple supper into a warming feast. 

A typical Punjabi toor dal recipe is full of flavours, low calorie, comforting, dairy-free, nut-free and nutritious dish.  It can be presented as a gluten–free main dish or a side dish. 

Toor Dal is also called split pigeon peas or yellow dal (Toor dal in English).  It has a slightly nutty flavour. Protein-packed, earthy, aromatic lentils can be made into soups, curries, stews and rice dishes. 

Indian Homestyle Arhar Dal is soaked overnight and then cooked with a tadka – a specific combination of spices to bring a smoky zest. 

One can opt for a combination of lentils, rice or chapati, salads, and vegetables for a full meal, which exists in many forms in India and across the Middle East. 

Basic Information 

Toor Dal Tadka is a healthy, hearty main vegetarian dish often served with steamed rice.  The super nutritious, versatile yellow colour legume presents warming, budget-friendly deliciousness packed with protein and fibre, making them an excellent pick for a balanced meal.

Taste, Texture, Nutrients And Other Details

Toor Dal Split Yellow Pigeon Peas Recipe can be incorporated into various dishes, from soups and salads to hearty main courses.

  • Arhar daal recipe presents delicious soy-free, vegetarian, nut-free, kid-friendly and gluten–free nourishing and balanced comfort meals. 
  • Toor Dal Tadka pairs well with delicious side dishes like grilled flatbread, butter naan, salad, plain steamed rice, and cucumber raita. 
  • It is prepared without artificial colour, flavour or preservatives.
  • Arhar daal recipe is the simple everyday dish most suited for the school lunchbox and Indian Tiffin Service. 
  • It is made from 100% pure herbs and spices available All Year Long. 
  • You can Buy the Toor Dal recipe Online and get home delivery to enjoy an incredibly flavorful meal.

About Toor Dal Tadka 

Toor Dal Tadka is an everyday recipe in Indian homes; it is a vegetarian main meal or side dish also served at feasts.  The lentil recipe is comforting but not too rich, and in the Indian subcontinent, Toor Dal Tadka is prepared differently in different regions. 

Legumes can be cooked in many ways to get multiple possibilities to scroll through favourite recipes.  In some regions, tamarind paste or raw mango paste and jaggery are added to the preparation to get a sour and sweet palate. 

Some prefer a thinner version with added tangy zing to pair with steamed rice, and some like the thick curry version made with whole aromatic spices.

Toor Dal Recipe Restaurant-Style 

The extensive cooking procedures adopted by most roadside Indian dhabas and restaurants aim to get the most accurate texture and consistency of the Punjabi toor dal recipe

Many restaurants follow the long and slow cooking method to get the exact creaminess of the cooked lentils, which is then tempered with spicy, aromatic, sizzling garnish and endlessly versatile tadka. 

The flavour of boiled lentils is bland, and it is sautéed with a combination of onion, tomato, garlic, spices and herbs to get strong, spicy and buttery flavours.  Some regional restaurants get a mild version tempered with tamarind, chilli powder and ground coriander. 

Homestyle Toor Dal 

Indian Toor Dal is a nutritionally rich complete meal, a staple everyday food.  Homemade Toor Dal is made from overnight soaked yellow split lentils boiled over high heat and then sautéed with a tadka. 

It can be cooked into a vibrant onion-tomato based creamy, velvety soup. 

Most Toor Dal Tadka is prepared with an aromatic sautéing of onions, garlic, ginger, and chillies until browned.  The typical regional version made from tamarind or mango–paste, curry leaves, and jaggery can be added for unique tangy flavours. 

The typical Punjabi version adds a mild taste of asafetida, fresh cilantro and a dash of roasted cumin powder to balance the spiciness. 

How to serve?

The Toor Dal recipe is simple yet delicious.  In traditional Indian homes, it is served with fluffy Jeera rice or Basmati rice and side vegetables, salads, papadum, pickles, and raita.  Some prefer to have a basic dal and rice without any sides. 

One can pair the Toor Dal recipe with simple steamed rice and sliced onions to add a crunch. 

Food allergy 

Please let us know if you have food allergies, and we will substitute the ingredient with a better option.  Every care is taken to avoid cross-contamination while preparing an order. 

Food served may contain some of the 14 allergens listed – Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame, Cereals containing Gluten, Soya / Soy, Milk, Molluscs, Sulphur Dioxide (Sulphites), Mustard, Lupin (EU Common), Eggs, Celery, Crustaceans and Fish. 

Food allergy
If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let us know immediately. Ingredients can occasionally be substituted or changed so please review the allergy details available for you. Every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when processing an order. Food served may contain some of the 14 Allergens listed: Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame, Cereals containing Gluten, Milk, Soy/Soya, Molluscs, Sulphur Dioxide (Sulphites), Mustard, Celery, Lupin (EU common), Eggs., Crustaceans & Fish.


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