Jeera Chicken

Jeera Chicken
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Jeera chicken curry is a fragrant, zesty dish made of chicken pieces seasoned in herbs and spices like cumin, coriander and ginger. The recipe offers a great platform for the humble cumin seeds to glow to deepen the savoury, smoky flavour.

It is a perfect dish for busy weekend dinners and fits as an ideal starter, snack, side dish or main course option. 

It is often eaten as a dry grilled snacky variant sufficed with chutneys and a bit of salad, or one can get the main course curry variation, wherein the cooked or grilled chicken pieces are simmered in a hot lovely golden creamy sauce. 

Basic Information

Jeera chicken curry (Chicken cooked with cumin) is a delicacy prepared from pieces of marinated cooked chicken (or chicken tikka) sauteed in a mixture of spices (masala), often cooked for a long time in a thick and spicy sauce to the unique aromatic flavours. 

Taste, Texture, Nutrients And Other Details 

  • Jeera Chicken is made with 100% pure herbs and chicken. Herbs are cooked in Chicken juices to release the gorgeous aroma and flavours.
  • The recipe's colour comes from the cumin used in the curry powder and the garam masala. With tomatoes and red-chilli powder, it may appear smoky-reddish or buttery yellow. 
  • It has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 
  • It is a delicious recipe, high on the satiety index. 
  • It is rich in proteins and minerals. 
  • You can order Jeera Chicken with roti, rice, and salad.

2- About Jeera Chicken

Cumin seeds are used in various cuisines that generally range from the Middle East to India but have been adapted across all cuisines throughout the years. Cultures known to use cumin as a staple in their foods are Mexican, North African, Indian, and Mediterranean. 

One of the most popular grilled chicken dishes of all time is Chicken tikka masala which can be prepared with basic herbs and cumin and eaten with a selection of salad mix, rice, quinoa, or refilled in the chicken wrap.

One can get a low-fat version of the Indian chicken curry recipe with no curry, served with salad and fruit juices as a starter, snack, or side dish, or one can get the cooked chicken pieces simmered in thick, creamy, saucy cumin curry as a main course option, where the spice cumin stands as a perfect ingredient to add warmth and earthiness to the chicken dish.

3- Restaurant Jeera Chicken

Found on the menu of all Indian restaurants worldwide, jeera chicken recipe restaurant style is prepared from the marinade of chillies and garam masala and cooked over a medium-high flame until golden brown.

The final preparation can either be served as a dry snack or a version with buttery, spicy curry. The curry version is prepared at restaurants often by stirring grilled chicken pieces in a thick curry until the flavours of herbs get absorbed into the chicken. 

Homemade Jeera Chicken

Homemade jeera chicken curry is made from marinated chicken pieces with lemon and herbs and cooked in butter until brown. Then the paste of onion, ginger and cumin is added, which is stirred in cream to get a well-coated mix to get a thick consistency with gravy tomato, and in the end, one can add cream to a smooth curry variation. 

How To Serve?

One can enjoy Maas' Best jeera chicken recipe with white rice, masala rice, salad, raita and roti. The Jeera Chicken dry pairs with salad and rolls. 

Food Allergy 

If you suffer from food allergies, please let us know, and we will substitute the ingredient with a better option. Every care is taken to avoid cross-contamination while preparing an order.

Food served may contain some of the 14 allergens listed – Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame, Cereals containing Gluten, Soya / Soy, Milk, Molluscs, Sulphur Dioxide (Sulphites), Mustard, Lupin (EU Common), Eggs, Celery, Crustaceans and Fish. 

Food allergy
If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let us know immediately. Ingredients can occasionally be substituted or changed so please review the allergy details available for you. Every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when processing an order. Food served may contain some of the 14 Allergens listed: Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame, Cereals containing Gluten, Milk, Soy/Soya, Molluscs, Sulphur Dioxide (Sulphites), Mustard, Celery, Lupin (EU common), Eggs., Crustaceans & Fish.


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