Chicken Saag

Chicken Saag
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Touch into the sensational exotic soupy saucy aromatic spinach green curry guarantees to awaken your senses with its unique flavours of pure spices like Kashmiri red pepper, coriander, cumin, garlic, ginger, paprika, turmeric cooked with tender and juicy chicken in a delicious sauce making it the most perfect weeknight dinner option.

This is an appetizing recipe with roots in Northern India where spicy curry saucy succulent chicken and spinach are cooked in a mouth-watering aromatic curry.

The masala of Chicken Saag is prepared with 100% natural pure herbs, and one can add pepper, garlic powder, paprika to taste to get a wonderfully rich nutritious saucy soupy texture, which can be completed without adding extra cream to make it get a Keto-friendly dinner meal.

  • It is a highly satisfying, non vegetarian dish made from a combination of chicken and fibrous vegetable, which can be eaten as one of the main dishes in a meal.
  • It can be taken every day and is a part of the Indian non- vegetarian Tiffin Service.
  • No artificial colouring, flavours or preservatives are used in the preparation of the dish.
  • It is a nutritious meal, high in fibre (especially, if fresh spinach is used) and high in protein, often served with roti or rice.

About Chicken Saag
There are multiple vegetarian dishes made from winter greens like spinach, mustard and fenugreek leaves. Palak chicken is a nutritious non- vegetarian medley made with chicken cooked in some of the most satisfying spinach stews, often part of the classic North Indian cuisine. 

Palak gosht is a comparable Pakistani dish made with meat and saag. It can be found as the top menu items with chicken biryani and frontier chicken, in which, boneless chicken is grilled on a low-flame with onions, tomatoes, green peppers, garlic, ginger and other herbs.

Restaurant Chicken Saag
Most Indian restaurants have a version of the saagwala – that is their healthier meal option with a little cream, and plenty of spinach. Chicken Saag (spinach) is a medium curry recipe often cooked as a nutritious alternative to Chicken Jalfrezi or Chicken Pasanda - the ones known for a spicy buttery and sweet flavours.

Restaurant-style saag chicken is made from chopped onions and tomato puree where frozen or fresh spinach can be used to get a tasty curry.

Homemade curry Chicken Saag
At home chicken spinach curry is cooked with herbs and curry powder at medium to low heat and then mixed with fresh (or frozen) spinach leaves, giving an enticing reddish-green texture to the feast, where the red colour comes from authentic Kashmiri red-chilli powder. Home-style cooking relies on browning the onions as the chicken is mixed with fresh spinach, heated with curry recipes. Home preparation allows adjusting the spice level in the curries to suit individual tastes.

How to serve?
Chicken Saag can be served as a side dish with the main course, or with buttered polao rice or roti, for a tasty take on. The firecracker meal is often garnished with lime wedges, complemented with mint flavour curd and fresh salads.

Food allergy
If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let us know immediately. Ingredients can occasionally be substituted or changed so please review the allergy details available for you. Every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when processing an order. Food served may contain some of the 14 Allergens listed: Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame, Cereals containing Gluten, Milk, Soy/Soya, Molluscs, Sulphur Dioxide (Sulphites), Mustard, Celery, Lupin (EU common), Eggs., Crustaceans & Fish.


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