Aloo Baingan

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Aloo baingan is a hearty vegetarian semi-dry vegetable recipe made with an equal proportion of Baingan (Aubergine) and Aloo (potato). It is an Indo – Pakistani recipe akin to the sorts of dry or curried vegetable recipes like dum aloo, palak aloo, aloo matar, baingan masala.

Eggplant and potato make for a fantastic combo and when roasted together. The exceptionally balanced layering of flavours - herbs and spices, make the dish unique. It is a quick curry made with diced potatoes and brinjal.

This simple aloo baingan ki sabzi or potato eggplant vegetable is a mildly spiced Pakistani vegetarian/vegan dish made with eggplant. Potato and aubergine curry is a super tasty and healthy vegetarian dish which perfectly cooks up as a tasty, fragrant, Indian-spiced option. It is a simple, delicious and mouthwatering dish.

  • This is a palao friendly dish suitable for pure vegetarians and vegans.
  • Aloo Baingan is a low-fat/low-calorie food, where the stir-fries method is used to reduce oil intake. (It can absorb a lot of fat and sauces when cooked in oil. If the raw cut fruit is rinsed in salt and drained before cooking, it reduces the amount of oil or fat absorbed by it.)
  • Made from 100% pure herbs and spices.
  • It is gluten-free, without any artificial colour, flavour and preservatives.
  • This Curry works well with rice or nan.
  • This palatable curry is an excellent source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals.
  • It can be taken every day and is prominently found in pure-vegetarian Indian Tiffin Service.

About Aloo Baingan
Sauteed potatoes and eggplant together make a very popular dish of the Indian subcontinent. Baingan(brinjal or eggplant) is a vegetable of dark purple colour and is known with different names in different parts of the world. In South Asia and South Africa it is called brinjal, in Europe, Australia and Newzealand it is called eggplant. The French call it aborigine. There are many varieties of the plant producing fruits of different shapes, size and colour, rich in vitamin B, folate, calcium, and potassium and phosphorous.

Restaurant Aloo Baingan
Restaurant style Indian aubergine curry is made by simmering young brinjals and potatoes in a spicy onion tomato masala. The aubergine and potato curry recipe use small round fruits cut into pieces. The raw fruit is bitter and can be mixed with salt and garlic to reduce the bitterness. There are other variants like the achari aloo baingan (with pickled baby aubergine), dal and chicken korma which can be taken together in a meal with curd and salads.

Homemade Aloo Baingan
Indian cuisine couldn't be easier with this tasty Aloo Baingan dish made with an authentic blend of cumin, mustard seeds, coriander, chilli (Kashmiri chilli powder), turmeric and paprika offering you on a delicious culinary experience. Our spice mix makes an already healthy dish healthier and adds plenty of fun and depth to the meal.

Cube sized potatoes and eggplant when gets coated in a spicy gravy tasting delicious.

The key to preparing it is to cook the potatoes first and then add the eggplant cubes.

How to serve?
It is an exceptional recipe that all vegetarians and vegans should try out served with some hot chapatis, salad, pickle and curd.

Food allergy
If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let us know immediately. Ingredients can occasionally be substituted or changed so please review the allergy details available for you. Every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when processing an order. Food served may contain some of the 14 Allergens listed: Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame, Cereals containing Gluten, Milk, Soy/Soya, Molluscs, Sulphur Dioxide (Sulphites), Mustard, Celery, Lupin (EU common), Eggs., Crustaceans & Fish.


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