The concept of tiffin, as is commonly known, is a mixture of the usual food like Indian curries and the simple meals. The Indian meals are also known to be delicious and easy to make. In India, tiffin has a lot of connection with the ancient culture and in fact, the very name of the Indian food is actually derived from the word, tish, which means stew or simply 'to eat'.

Before we move on to the traditional Indian meals, it is important to mention the culinary arts that have developed in India during the past few centuries. Nowadays, there are a variety of specialty Indian restaurants offering a wide range of dishes, catering to the needs of all types of palates. Some of the most popular dishes include, Indian curry, dal makhani, Aloo Baingan, Bhindi, aloo palak, rogan Josh, chicken tikka masala, lamb curry, jeera rice, roti and many more.

If you are looking for something a little more hearty, then you can also head over to the different Indian food stalls in town. These are usually run by professional chefs and offer unique flavours and flavour combinations that cannot be found in any other places.

Since Indian cuisine has such a vast history, there are a huge number of restaurants that specialize in serving the Indian food tiffin that you love the most. However, the price tag may seem a bit high, but if you are looking for truly authentic Indian food, you can't go wrong by trying out one of these restaurants.

As mentioned earlier, the tradition of tiffin dates back to the times of Indian kings and queens. Initially, they would break their fast on what was known as 'mool' (a very fatty and salty kind of food), which today we know as 'real' pappad'.

Later on, the entire family would all gather around the fire and share their thoughts and opinions about the various kinds of Indian food that they had enjoyed. The beauty of this was that the whole family could have an equal share in deciding what kind of Indian food they all had enjoyed.

Hence, tiffin originated from the years when Indian cuisine was at its very basic level. After that, things evolved from there and tiffin evolved into the Indian recipes that we know today.

The main focus of tiffin involves the central theme of variety. It involves a wide variety of dishes including desserts, deserts, sweets, rice, fried rice, paranthas, biryani, tea, coffee, and many other flavours of Indian food.

With the diversity that comes with the Indian food, the tiffin remains quite varied and not monotonous. So, if you are looking for something a little bit different from the usual Indian food, then you need to try out the Indian food that is available with Maas Best tiffin service.


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