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Introduction: -

Located within the northwest province of the Asian nation, Punjab is renowned for its distinctive culture and tradition. Being the traditional centre of the settlement within the Indian landmass, Punjab is where the primary civilisation of South Asia prospered around 2500 BC.

The state is known for Punjabi cuisine, agriculture, festivities, Gurdwaras, Punjabi folk dances, etc. Punjabi foods are famous all across the world for their amazing tastes and flavours.

The dishes are overwhelmed with amazingly flavoured spices. Even the flurry of butter on a dish is like a Punjabi cuisine's emblem. 

One of the best Punjabi combo dishes so popular from ancient to modern days is Makki Di Roti and Sarson ka Saag. Punjabi cuisine without roti, paratha loaded with butter is just beyond imagination. And there is also a famous dish that is super hit all around the world: Butter Chicken.

Butter Chicken is called 'the emperor of all Punjabi dishes'. These are the common truths of Punjabi cuisine which you all may perceive. Even you will fall in love with the vegetarian homemade Punjabi Tiffin as well. 

Let's share some interesting unknown facts about Punjabi dishes in this article.

Some Interesting Facts about Punjabi Dishes

1. Punjab is highly induced by agriculture. The mediocre lifestyle of Punjabi farmers is always sympathetic and perilous to the Punjabi folks. And this impact is mostly shown in the food habits of Punjab.

When you visit Punjab, you will find that dal, rice, roti are some of the most widespread food items available, from a small local dhaba to a luxurious 5-star restaurant. What is the reason?

The reason is to cope with the mediocre lifestyle of the farmers; Punjab has set their food items or Punjabi Tiffin Service as per showing gratitude to every class of people in this state.

2. Tandoori is one of the most loved food items in every Punjabi family. Punjab is the root of the food item Tandoori; It has a classic story behind it. Underground ovens were built in the rural areas of Punjab, where they used pieces of wood, coal to cook food.

Gradually they started making tandoori in underground furnaces. The food has a little bit of a shimmering effect. The tandoori food became prominent in India after getting freedom in 1947. First, the food came to be popular in Delhi with the resettlement of Punjabis. 

The food item was known as Kath Tandoor as it's prepared with wood and charcoal by keeping it on the ground. Tandoori chicken is also a leading dish in Punjab, prepared with roasted chicken and plenty of spices. All have been prepared in the traditional ovens. 

3. One of the most exquisite foods in Punjab is Ganne wale chawal. This is quite interesting because the dish's name suggests itself as the main cuisine, but it's a dessert item. In the holy festival of Lohri, the rice is being made slowly with raw sugar cane juices.

After that, spoons full of ghee get poured into the rice. Finally, it's decorated with sprinkles of fennel seeds and cardamom. The non-sticky sweet rice is a mouth-watering unique dessert item. You may taste the food by asking any Punjabi catering service.

4. Is a piece of bitter gourd on your plate enough to give you a shock? Does your mother scold you by forcing you to eat bitter gourd? Then you can peep into Punjabi dishes. One of the most interesting facts that everyone does not know is that bitter gourd can be so tasty with a touch of Punjabi style.

In Punjab, Bharwan Keema Karela is a popular dish where the bitter gourds are stuffed with finely chopped or mashed meats cooked with some hot spices. The bitterness can't last in the dish. The overwhelming taste of meat and spices makes the dish super delicious.

5. Ginger is the most common ingredient all over the world. In every kitchen, ginger is the must one. It is used in 70% of foods daily. But in Punjab, ginger is used with a little twist. They use dried ginger powder the most instead of raw ginger.

The aroma of Bhindi Masala is heightened with the sprinkle of dried ginger. Even the bitterness of the bitter gourd can be removed by this fantastic and aromatic spice of Punjab that is dried ginger.

If you want to taste the delicious Bhindi Masala at home, then you can find Punjabi Tiffin service near me first. Inform them about your request. You will surely obtain the tasty, flavourful dish at your doorstep.

6. Have you ever heard of Chicken Chargha or Lahori Chargha? You may hear the term rare in your life. Can you identify the meaning? You will be amazed to know that it's a luscious item of chicken. Mainly, this dish is from the Lahore city of Pakistan Punjab, which is liked in many places.

The chicken is first marinated with aromatic spices. Then the marinated chicken is sent to boil and then fried into the deep hot oil. Finally, the golden deep-fried juicy, and delightful chicken item is ready. 

It has a beautiful story behind this food item. In earlier times, when wrestlers came back from the fighting site after winning, this food item was used to serve as a reward. Thus, chicken Chargha was one of the tempting delicacies among wrestlers.

Conclusion: -

Food has a great connection with religion and culture. Punjab is notable for its spicy food items, which are widespread all over the country for their incredible aroma and excellent taste. People, who come to visit Punjab, never forget to taste the Punjabi foods.

The excessive use of ghee, butter in the dishes is a symbol of traditional food in Punjab. Now the catering services are the best to arrange various foods everywhere. You can search on Google Punjabi food catering services for me. 

It will provide you with a vast list of Punjabi food catering services. You can inform them of your preferable Punjabi food items for serving. Even nowadays, not only in Punjab, at every place, the Punjabi Dhaba has been inaugurated. But the relish of Punjabi foods cannot be suppressed now for them.


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