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Indian food delivery

Indian Food Delivery

Introduction: - Food is something that everyone loves. Everyone loves to talk about food and different cuisines. And Indian cuisine is something that drags everyone towards Indian culture. This cuisine is full of versatile recipes and dishes. You will even find an Indian Food Service Provider who can deliver food when you crave to have some mouth-watering foods. But how much do you know about this versatile cuisine?

Let’s dig deep into the history and facts about Indian cuisine. India is the land of versatile heritage and rich culture. It reflects the diverse food culture of our country. Through many ages, Indian cuisine is getting popular. Indian cuisine is diverse with its versatile ingredients. Various herbs and spices are the main pillars of Indian cuisine. 

The history of Indian cuisine started around 1000 years back. The Hindu and Muslim traditions significantly influence it. However, Persian, Portuguese, and English have a major contribution to the Indian cooking culture. Presently, Indian cuisine has made India popular across the world, and now it’s getting praised among other countries as well. Even sitting in London and craving Indian foods, you can have Indian food delivery in London

Whenever we hear about Indian cuisine, we mainly think about different spices, fantastic flavours, and a lot of vegetables. But the main ingredient is love. Besides various spices and flavours, Indian cuisine is filled with love. It makes this cuisine popular and loved all across the globe now.

For Indian cuisine mainly, the world knows about Indian heritage and culture. In this post, we are going to discuss 7 interesting facts about Indian food that will make you fall in love with this cuisine.

7 Interesting Facts about Indian Food

Now, we are going to discuss 7 amazing facts about Indian foods that will let you know more about Indian cuisine.

1. India Is Land Of Exotic Spices: -

Do you know why Indian food tastes so delicious? It is due to the natural and exotic flavour of India. We all know India is the most extensive land of spices all across the world. This country produces almost 70% of the world’s spices. For the fantastic flavoured spices, Indian foods taste amazing.

In India, you will get spice for every flavour according to your preference. Wherever you live on this globe, you must try Indian foods to get the excellent taste of Indian spices. It will make you fall in love with this cuisine.

2. Indian Cuisine Consists of Six Different Tastes: -

Many people have the misconception about Indian foods that it is always spicy. But this concept is entirely wrong. Six tastes are found in Indian food according to food theory.The six various tastes include sour, sweet, salty, astringent, bitter, and pungent. If you try out a proper Indian Thali, surely you will get the taste of all these 6 flavours.

Even you can try food delivery services if you are not that efficient in Indian cooking. Whether you cook by yourself or choose any food delivery service, you must be delighted with the amazing taste and flavours of Indian foods.So, when someone will describe Indian foods as only spicy, make sure to rectify them. And, also tell them about the different tastes of Indian foods. 

3. Indian Cuisine Is Regional and Diverse: -

As India is a country of various regions, the diversity reflects on its cuisine too. India is also a country of different cultures. Therefore, there are variations in their food cultures as well. This country has a diverse food culture that attracts people all across the globe towards Indian foods.

From north Indian to south Indian and East Indian to West Indian, even middle India has diverse native dishes that enrich the Indian cuisine more. The best part, here you will get plenty of options on your menu. So, you won’t ever be disappointed by the versatile food options.

4. Indian Cuisine Has Three Categories of Food: -

Indian cuisine consists of three main categories of food. According to India’s medicinal system, these three categories are Rajasic, Tamasik, and Sattwik. Rajasic foods are usually oily and spicy. It is believed that Rajasic foods tend to drive ambition, competition, and selfish pursuits. Tamasik foods get overly processed.

Therefore, these foods are toxic and difficult to digest. Tamasik foods have adverse effects both on your health and mind. Last but not least Sattwik foods are considered the best. It includes all the natural and minimally processed foods. Sattwik foods have a calming, purifying, and positive effect on both health and the mind. So, you surely understand that Sattwik foods are the best for health. 

5. The History of Salt and Pepper: -

Salt and pepper are a mandatory part of Indian foods. And, this country has been producing salt for more than 5,000 years now. The salt gets produced in the Rann of Kutch, the western part of Gujarat state. Besides salt, black pepper was also used in Indian foods during 2,000 BC. The black peppers are produced in Kerala, the southern state of India.

Initially, the black peppers were known as black gold, and it was considered a much-valued commodity in Indian cuisine. Due to the authentic origin of spices, Indian foods taste more delicious. Whether you have food from restaurants or try home-cooked food delivery, you will get the authentic taste with every food item. 

6. Indian Cuisine Uses the Hottest Chillies: -

Spiciness is like the universal truth of Indian foods. Though Indian foods consist of 6 different flavours, still without spice, Indian foods are incomplete in taste. When it comes to spice, you must imagine some spicy chilies. Here you must know India has been the home of the world’s hottest chilies; that is, the ghost pepper or bhut jolokia.

This particular type of chili is almost 400 times hotter than the Tabasco sauce. Bhut jolokia grows in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Nagaland. It was also certified as the world’s hottest chili in 2007 by the Guinness World Records. So, if you want to have the taste of authentic spicy foods, you must try Indian cuisine. 

7. Love for Desserts or Mithais: -

Desserts or mithais are an integral part of Indian cuisine. Indian desserts are also popular all across the world for their excellent mouth watering taste. In India, no celebration is complete without a plate full of desserts. There are a lot of various desserts. From gajar ka halwa to rasgulla or gulab jamun, any dessert can surely melt your heart.

While you visit India, you must try out the best deserts of this country. We can bet you will be a fan of these sweets. Even every single region of this country has its signature desserts. The desserts will drag you more towards the culture-rich cuisine. 

Final Words: -

If you are a true Indian, you indeed love to have Indian foods. You must search for Indian food home delivery near me to get those delicious mouth-watering foods at your convenience. Hopefully, our information will be helpful for you to know more about Indian foods. 


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