Aloo Baingan


Aloo Baigan

Aloo Baingan

Sauteed potatoes and eggplant together make a very popular dish of the Indian subcontinent Aloo Baingan. There are many varieties of the plant producing fruits of different shapes, size and color, rich in vitamin B, fol-ate, calcium, and potassium and phosphorous. 

The aubergine and potato curry recipe uses small round fruits cut into pieces. The raw fruit is bitter in taste and can be mixed with salt and garlic to reduce the bitterness. It can absorb a lot of fat and sauces when cooked in oil. If the raw cut fruit is rinsed and drained with salt, it reduces the amount of oil or fat absorbed by the dish.

The fresh ones do not take much time to cook but potatoes can take longer to cook. The dish can be prepared in many ways with gravy or dry with spices, and garnished with fresh coriander leaves. For the Indian aubergine curry small fruits are preferred and Indian herbs, salt and spices are added as per taste.


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